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What is PBIS Rewards?

PBIS Rewards App makes it quick and easy for teachers and staff to continuously recognize students for meeting behavior and expectations. PBIS Rewards is a District-wide license for Teachers, Staff, and Students and you can find it our MCS App Portal.

PBIS Rewards helps to foster accountability, fidelity, and success in Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS) programs in your classroom and school.

Quick Tip Resources:

Introducing PBIS Rewards

How to Login PBIS Rewards

How to find Classes and Create Custom Groups

How to use Groups in PBIS Rewards

How to Run Reports

Top 3 Ways to Create Random Groups

Classroom Screen How to Use

Staff App How to Use

PBIS Rewards Clip How Did They Do That Live

Classroom Screen Clip How Did They Do That Live

How to Login

PBIS App in MCS App Portal

Teacher, Staff, and Students

  1. Login to the MCS App Portal

  2. Click on PBIS Rewards App, you may also use the search feature at the top to search for "PBIS" to find the app

There's an App for That!

If you would like to use the PBIS Rewards App follow these steps to login

Apple iOS App | Android App

PBIS Rewards Family App allows parents and guardians to view student points

How to use PBIS Rewards

Getting Started with PBIS Rewards

Getting Started

Getting Started basics for teachers learning how to use PBIS Rewards and features




Next Step Features PBIS Rewards

Next Steps

You've got the basics down now you are ready to take the Next Step! Here we will show you how to use additional features and SEL techniques in PBIS Rewards

Teacher Rewards

SEL Check






In the PD Catalog we will be launching soon in August and September trainings on PBIS Rewards including:

  • PBIS Rewards Getting Started

  • PBIS Rewards Advanced Features

  • PBIS Rewards Admin and PBIS Leadership